Crizaf is an Italian company founded in 1954. Over the years, the company has become a multinational organisation with production sites in Italy, the US, Brazil and India and a diffused sales organisation all over the world with sole distributors in more than 30 countries.
Crizaf products are used in a wide range of industries, including automotive, closure, cosmetics, electric & electronic, food, household appliances, medical/pharmaceutical, packaging, PET, recycling, etc.
Andertech is distributor for Crizaf, one of the leading manufactures of conveyor belts, separators, filling and storage systems, weighing and counting systems.

Belt conveyor 1000 series The conveyors in the Crizaf’s 1000 series are equipped with PU/PVC belts and offer maximum versatility. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, tailored to meet the needs of the plastics industry:
• Linear and incline conveyors
• Incline/top and horizontal/incline conveyors
• Horizontal/incline/top conveyors
• The W1100 and W1200 models are equipped with a heavy duty frame for particularly demanding duties

Belt conveyor 2000 series The Crizaf 2000 series of conveyors are equipped with modular plastic belts. They are offered in different versions and sizes:
• Linear
• Incline
• Top/incline
• Horizontal/incline
• Horizontal/top/incline
• A special closed horizontal/incline conveyor with a painted steel frame (Crizaf M2500)

Storage systems 3000 series Crizaf produces several compact and flexible solutions for storage in bags, boxes, silos or on pallets. The Crizaf 3000 series offers linear and multi-level filling and storage systems, including different kinds of carousels and rotating chutes. Control of content can be done by counting or getting a signal, by weight measurement or simply by level measurement.
• F3200 - longitudinal filling system that can be equipped with a weighing system as well
• F35 - carousel for boxes
• F37 - carousel for bags
• F3950 - rotating chute
• Crizaf also produces tailor made solutions at a reasonable price

Separation systems 4000 series
Crizaf 4000 is a series of rotating drum separation systems.
• S41xx - drum separator with rollers, and adjustment of the rollers is done with a single screw
• S44xx - separator containing a steel rotating drum offered in two different versions, one with holes and pipes, and one with holes only.