ANDERTECH at the K-Messe 2022



Now it's time to visit the K-Messen in Düsseldorf

Here you can see which employees from Andertech Danmark are present at the fair.
We can promise that this time too there will be lots of exciting and interesting news from our suppliers.
From ANDERTECH Denmark participating:
Ken Mark: mobil +45 2023 0649--------------------(19-25 oktober)
Erling Nordtoft -----------------------------------------------(22-25 oktober)
Erik S Andersen --------------------------------------------- (20-25 oktober)
Our experience from previous fairs, tells us that it is extremely sensible to arrange meetings with us well in advance of the fair, if you wish to meet one of our employees. During the fair, meetings can be arranged by calling our mobile numbers or by calling +45 4915 0400. If you would like further information please contact us.



Versatile, Strong and Flexible INFO-WORK stand
made for your production cells.

you have a perfect and flexible
workstation, with customized fittings .
If you have specific requirements,
the tool suspension items can be customized.


1. Small narrow hook - 25 mm
Item: 3D/00062
2. Small hook - 25 mm
Item: 3D/00054
3. Medium hook - 40 mm
Item: 3D/00055
4. Large hook - 100 mm
Item: 3D/00056
5. Double hook - U-type,
Item: 3D/00058
6. Sliding tool holder -00x00x00 mm
Item: 3D/00057
7. Ruler holder - 42x00x00 mm
Item: 3D/000061
8. Screwdriver holder - with 3 holes
Item: 3D/00059
9. Large storage tray - 178x80x20mm
Item: 3D/00060
10. Can holder - 85x885x60mm
Item: 3D/00063
11. Unbraco holder -
Item: 3D/00064


CONRADT TROLLEY's are now finally in stock again. Now we can offer you this unique product again. Please feel free to contact us for any information you may need. The brand new innovative and flexible CONRADT TROLLEY allows fast and accurate color changes to be made in just 60 seconds... ... without wasting even a single granule
1. Position the next production color Trolley-Unit next to the present one
2. Close valve below CONRADT Loader in use
3. Unplug compressed air and 24V power
4. Moove the CONRADT unit including hopper and hose onto the CONRADT TROLLEY TM
5. Take the dosing screw unit from the machine and empty it into the CONRADT TROLLEY TM
6. Position the next color CONRADT onto the dosing unit and open valve
7. Plug in air and 24V and RUN…!

Morten has been on the road for 40 years

Morten Petersen is an expert in servicing injection molding machines and in all the years he has worked for the same company part of ANDERTECH A/S.

Originally trained as an electrician, he was employed by Klöckner Ferromatik in Brøndby in 1981, established as a joint venture between the German equipment manufacturer Ferromatik and its Danish distributor. In 2007, Ferromatik Danmark was acquired by the Humlebæk company ANDERTECH A/S, which sells equipment for plastic production and is one of the frontrunners in the digitalisation of the Danish plastics industry. Thus, Morten Petersen can boast of having ‘survived’ several managers, and he is now the employee in Ferromatik / Andertech with the highest seniority..

In his service car, Morten Petersen is not just driving - he is self-going. And he is well pleased with that.
- "My job is independent and free. Customers call me directly and I organize my working day myself. Of course I talk to the head office every day and I stop by in Humlebæk a couple of times a month. But they do not interfere in how I plan my time".
If you ask him how the job has changed since the beginning 40 years ago, Morten highlights the increased pace: - "Back then it was a party day when a customer had bought a new machine and it was pre-installed and ready to be used. Then they drove to the butcher for open sandwiches, and beers were served. We were probably not as efficient then as we are now. Today it is very much about money and time. Everything is tightened up so that you can keep up with the tough competition. But I'm not complaining. I still find it exciting and varied to visit the customers and help get their gear in top shape again".

For 40 years, Morten Petersen from Andertech has driven around the country to keep the wheels turning at plastic-producing companies.

ANDERTECH to represent Vismec in the Nordics

Vismec is a young Italian company having achieved impressive results in just a few years, developing high-quality solutions for the drying of plastic granules. ANDERTECH, founded in 1984, is a well-known supplier of equipment for the Danish plastics industry and is representing a number of suppliers both in Denmark and in the Nordics, together with developing and supplying its own production management and monitoring software.

ANDERTECH CEO Erik Sten Andersen: - In 10 years Vismec has grown to become market leader in the German and British plastics industry. So obviously we are very excited to be able to introduce the complete range of innovative Vismec products to the Nordics.

- Vismec has developed some impressive machinery. For instance, its honeycomb rotor dryer is a great all-rounder with built-in intelligence. It is the most energy efficient dryer on the market, among other things equipped with fixed adjustable dew point control.

All Vismec dryers are fully electric and odour free, which means they can be installed in a cleanroom. Furthermore Vismec offers a full range of high-quality products for conveying, storage and dosing.

Erik CEO Andertech & Filippo CEO Vismec

ANDERTECH to represent Maguire in the Nordics

We are proud to announce that Maguire, world leading gravimetric batch blending systems provider, has chosen ANDERTECH to be sole distributor of its products in Sweden and Norway

Maguire Products is a global technology leader in Materials Handling systems for plastics molding, extrusion and compounding. Maguire is founded in 1977 with headquarters in Pennsylvania, USA. ANDERTECH is a well-known supplier of equipment for the plastics industry and has represented Maguire in Denmark since the mid-90s.

- Choosing Maguire gives our customers a unique opportunity to enhance production efficiency and product quality, says ANDERTECH CEO Erik Sten Andersen.
- Maguire equipment enables you to reduce scrap along with reducing raw material drying time and the use of colour additives.
This means that return on investment on Maguire equipment is only a few months. We are looking forward to presenting the advantages of the Maguire product range to both our existing and our new customers in the Nordic plastics industry.

ANDERTECH is now sole distributor of Maguire in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.
Furthermore, effective immediately ANDERTECH is taking over all obligations regarding the unique Maguire 5-year warranty.
Erik Sten Andersen: - We are welcoming all existing Maguire customers and will try to accommodate all their wishes and requests for support. Maguire holds a unique position in the plastics industry worldwide. As an example, Maguire provides the most cost-effective Weigh Scale Blenders on the market. The Maguire WSB series are the most popular gravimetric batch blenders worldwide and Maguire recently sold its 50.000th blender.
Over 100 models are available to blend up to twelve components at rates up to 3,600 kg/hr and beyond.
Maguire is also the world’s largest supplier of liquid color pumps. Further its patented LPD dryer reduces the drying time for raw materials drastically, 40 minutes instead of 4 hours, increasing production efficiency and saving time, material and labour along the way

CEO Erik Sten Andersen