Andertech represents KREYENBORG in the nordics


KREYENBORG has been manufacturing machines for mixing and conveying for over 60 years. In addition to innovative turn-key solutions for bulk material handling, Kreyenborgs core competencies are in the fields of drying, crystallization, storage, mixing, conveying and dosing of plastics.

Infared Drying Technology IRD- Infrared dryer Kreyenborg offers one of the most popular infrared dryers, suited for a wide range of application, such as continuous heating, crystallization, drying and coating of a wide variety of plastics and other bulk materials in minutes instead of hours.

In the IRD the energy is instantaneously brought into the core of the product by short-wave infrared radiation.
The heat flow pushes the moisture from the inside towards the outside of the product.

After the moisture has been released from the material it is directly discharged by the air circulation inside the machine.
You can improve many products or materiasl by using the IRD.

Advantages for your process:
• Low energy consumption
• Minutes instead hours
• Instantly
• High efficiency
• Gently
• Easy
• In one step
• Increase throughput
• Evenly

Kreyenborg offers a wide range of silos and mixers, both for the plastic & chemical and for the food industry. Kreyenborg mixers are designed to handle variuos materials, like pourable materials or light and sensitive solids. Kreyenborgs range of silos include stock silos, fiber silos, film flake silos and block-type silos.