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Founded 1985 in Munich, Germany, FIPA is on of the leading innovators in Vacuum Technology and End-of-Arm Tooling solutions.
Vacuum Cups: With over 20,000 variants worldwide, FIPA offers the greatest selection of vacuum cups, and has sold several million of them in all corners of the world.
Gripper Systems: FIPA produces gripper systems, from individual gripper fingers and grippers to complete gripper systems for the handling of workpieces, however complicated their design.
These include quick change-over systems, aluminium profiles, clamping and connector elements Air Nippers: For cutting, crimping, gripping, breaking, bending, punching, stretching and hot cropping – FIPA offers the plastics, electrical and electronics industries a comprehensive range of pneumatic manual and automated air nippers.
ANDERTECH represents FIPA in the Nordics..

Suction cups

FIPA provides a comprehensive range of suction cups and accessories designed for the demands of today’s industries. All vacuum cups have the same task in pick-and-place: lifting and moving parts. Various suction cups are used for different shapes, sizes and materials of handled products:
• Bellows vacuum cups compensate height differences
• Flat vacuum cups provide the best stability for flat surfaces
• Oval vacuum cups and circular vacuum cups are utilised in cramped conditions

Vacuum components

FIPA vacuum components are developed in order to provide pragmatic solutions for the requirements of Pick & Place functionality and to cater to a high-performance and functional vacuum at the right position. The system logic of FIPA guarantees that the vacuum components are practically self-explanatory in nature, easy to install and operate and also that they are independent of the system available under ideal circumstances:
• Vacuum generation
• Vacuum filters
• Control technology
• Valve technology
• System monitoring
• Lifting cylinders

Tube lifters

With its FIPALIFT product line FIPA offers three types of vacuum lifting devices for the handling of loads ranging from 5 to 230 kg for ergonomic and efficient work. The tube lifters are vacuum-based lifters that use suction to hold and lift the goods without the need for physical exertion. Unlike traditional lifting equipment, such as chain hoists or block and tackles, complicated slinging of the load is not required when using tube lifters. You will be quicker and more efficient, your employees will not be as tired from lifting heavy loads and they will remain motivated by using innovative technology.
• FIPALIFT tube lifter Expert - the professional version for heavy loads
• FIPALIFT tube lifter Smart - particularly suitable for palletising, picking of cartons and boxes
• FIPALIFT tube lifter Basic – flexibility and low investment cost

Vacuum lifter FIPA Spider

The vacuum lifter FIPA Spider is a vacuum traverse that was developed with “plug & play” for use on a chain hoist. Vacuum traverses, also called vacuum lifters in general, are used for handling plates, panes and sheets. Vacuum lifters are especially used in the wood, sheet metal and glass processing industries. They make the loading of processing machines and the storage of various goods much easier.
The FIPA Spider is available as standard for loads up to 250 and 500 kg.
• Fitting for the crane bulb for fastening the chain control on the operating handle
• Signal lamp for optical warning in loud working environments
• Hinge for a flexible control panel ensures an upright position, even at a low working height
• Additional crossbars ensure a large suction area and improves the support of deformed materials
• Variable selection of vacuum cups, depending on the application

Gripper assembly

FIPA offers services in gripper assembly, from the consulting service, through project development to the delivery – everything from one source. Choose between extrusion and plate based or PA laserforming based gripper system. Regardless of the system you choose, FIPA grippers are adapted to meet your exact requirements.

Suction cups
Vacuum components
Vacuum lifter FIPA Spider