andertech represents hamos in the nordics


Andertech offers various solutions within metal detectors and metal separation systems. We are distributor of products from hamos GmbH, a leading supplier of electrostatic separators and complete lines for recycling and for separation of mixed plastics, composite materials and minerals. hamos also offers equipment for removal of foreign substances from plastics, food and other materials.
ANDERTECH represents HAMOS in the Nordics. 

FFS – metal removing “on the fly”

The hamos FFS series electronic all-metal separators recognise and remove metal particles from bulk materials that are transported in vacuum and pressure conveying lines.
The metal recognition and separation takes place "on the fly" with conveying speeds at up to 30 m/s.
Special mechanical separation systems are used, depending on the type of conveying (pressure or vacuum conveying, continuous or intermittent).
The conveying pressure is maintained during the entire metal separation process.
• Protection of machines, tools,products
• For continuous or intermittently working systems
• Available for vacuum or pressure conveying lines
• Maximum throughput corresponding to the conveying performance of pneumatic conveying   lines
• Special mechanical separation prevents collapse of conveying pressure and flow
• Self-monitoring with diagnosis system
• Universal use with a connection flange specific to customer requirements
• Integrated electronics
• Almost maintenance-free

LCS - Last Chance Separator

Electronic all-metal separators of the hamos LCS ("Last Chance Separator") series are used especially in plastics processing with slow moving or "stationary" material columns.
They offer the last chance of detecting damaging metal parts and removing them automatically, before these disappear into the intakes of extruders or injection moulding machines.
Not only are ferrous metals detected, but also non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper, brass etc.
• Protection of extruders and injection moulding machines
• Removal of metal from slow or stationary material columns
• Low installation height
• Extremely strong housing
• Own monitoring with diagnosis system
• Fully-automatic function
• Proven technology
• Almost maintenance-free

HS – free fall metal separators

Hamos HS electronic all metal separators serve for detection and fully-automatic removal of individually arising metallic contamination in free-falling, free-flowing bulk materials.
Not only are metals containing iron (ferrous metals) recognised here, but also non ferrous metals such as, e.g. aluminium, copper, brass, etc.
The result is a practically metal-free product. This is a very popular solution to fit at the outlet of a cyclone after for instance a granulator.
• Protection of products, machines and tools
• Self-monitoring with diagnosis system
• Fully automatic operation
• Universal application possibilities
• Integrated electronics
• Proven technology
• Simple assembly
• Most simple operation
• Almost maintenance-free

metal removing “on the fly”
LCS - Last Chance Separator
HS – free fall metal separators