Steve Maguire, Founder and President, Maguire Products, Inc. in the Plastics Hall of Fame

Maguire was founded in 1977 and is a global technology leader in Materials Handling systems for plastics molding, extrusion and compounding.
After revolutionizing the blending world in 1989 with the launch of our simple-to-operate, WSB gravimetric batch blender to the plastics industry, and recently producing our 50.000th blender.
Andertech is sole distributor for the absolutly leading manufactur of gravimetric blenders, material handling systems and the ONLY revolutionary vacuum dryer in the world.


Vacuum dryers LPD series.
Maguire's revolutionary LPD dryer uses vacuum to accelerate the drying process. Vacuum technology offers many production advantages and savings compared with other drying technologies. Typically the vacuum dryer will dry materials in one-sixth the time of a desiccant dryer. If your desiccant dryer drying time is 4 hours, the vacuum dryer will do the job in 40 minutes. The LPD series comes in 3 sizes, with capacity up to: LPD 30=15 kg/h, LPD 100=45 kg/h and LPD 200=90 kg/h
A revolution in dryers

* Energy saving up to 75% results in less energy consumption and CO2 emissions
* Space saving brings more room for other equipment
* Low Material Stress reduced the risk of material degradation
* Reduced drying and startup time, resulting in faster start-up time and a higher production output
* Less maintenance as no desiccant needs to be replaced * 5 years of warranty

ADR Recievers for LPD Vacuum Dryers

The ADR Receiver is an optional materials receiver that integrates with the LPD dryer to load material either to the process machine or to load the dryer hopper making the LPD very portable and standalone, making it easy to move around the production floor as one self-contained unit.

Vacuum dryers VBD series

LineMaster technology makes advanced yield control available without the need for large, complex, and costly hardware systems such as Loss-in-Weight blenders. It is now possible to achieve consistent accuracy in material consumption and product quality. Payback time is in many cases less than 1 year due to:

• Enhance product consistency
• Save on raw material
• Shorten setup times
• Reduce scrap
• 5 years warranty

Gravimetric dosing and blending WSB series

Gravimetric dosing and blending WSB series (The most popular gravimetric blenders worldwide) In productions using virgin, masterbatch and regrind to be dosed and mixed in the right ratio, Maguire's WSB series is unique compared to volumemetric systems or with productions completely without dosing equipment.
The exact output and consumption of masterbatch fluctuate from customer to customer bu payback periods of 8-18 months are not uncommon when we compare the WSB systems to for example, volumetric systems.
Maguire have 9 blender series with over 120 models plus options to add on a range of feeders for pellets and powders as well as integrate liquid colour, with capacity up to 5.500 kg/h.
Complete management and total control of a processors most expensive operational cost – raw materials.

* All materials metered by weight
* Vibration management
* Easy to clean, no tools required
* Advanced dispense technology
* Automatic re-calibration
* 5 years warranty

Gravimetric feeder MGF series

This compact loss-in-weight additive feeder precisely measures the amount of additive that is fed directly into the machine throat to eliminate costly waste. The MGF can be used for both injection or extrusion applications and comes in 3 different models.

Simple, accurate, affordable
* Easy to clean, no tools required * Automatic re-calibration ensures continuous accuracy
* Easy to mount on the IMM or extruder
* Attractive price
* 5 years warranty


The new system from Maguire for emptying octabines is called "The Sweeper". The Sweeper is designed to automatically empty your octabines without the need to cut or destroy the octabines to get down to the material. The residual material in the bottom of the bags is minimized and the suction tube never sucks into the bag - no stopping here. :

* Reduced labor
* Reduced material waste
* Low energy consumption
* Occupies little floor space
* Attractive price
* 5 year warranty

Steve Maguire, Founder and President, Maguire Products, Inc. in the Plastics Hall of Fame