Founded in 1964 and headquartered in Westlake, Ohio, USA, Nordson designs and manufactures precision melt stream components for extrusion, injection molding and pelletizing processes. Nordson serves numerous consumer non-durable, durable and technology end markets including packaging, nonwovens, electronics, medical, appliances, energy, transportation, construction, and general product assembly and finishing. Nordson produces a full range of precision melt stream products — from screws and barrels to filtration systems, pumps, and valves for extrusion and injection molding — to the dies used to create film, sheet, coatings and pelletizing systems.

Components for melt delivery

BKG BlueFlow Extrusion Pumps Type GPE / GPX: Are used in extrusion, compounding and polymerization processes. The gear pump helps optimize the process, so the extrusion line produces optimal quality with the highest throughput possible. The gear pump has a rheologically optimized in- and outlet geometry to guarantee a very controlled transport of material. Temperature and pressure sensors can be implemented edge-free – a distinct characteristic of all BKG BlueFlow Gear Pumps.

• Reduction of stress on the extruder by means of shifting the job of building pressure to the gear pump
• Increase throughput rate leading to maximized production efficiency
• Elimination of output variations and pressure pulsations, thus improvement of product quality
• Raw material savings by means of tighter manufacturing tolerances
• Reduction of product rejections by eliminating the pulsations in the process
• Improvement of the dimensional accuracy in the production of sheets and profiles 
• Optimization of the surface and optical quality in the production of films, sheets and profiles
• Increased product quality in homogeneity and pellet size in compounding applications

Continuous Double Piston Screen Changer

During a screen change, 1 of the screen cavities (50%) is removed from the process, allowing for 1 of the screen cavities (50%) to remain in operation The K-SWE is suitable for almost all processes and materials. It can be used for polymerization, compounding, film, pipe, sheet, and pelletizing processes.
It enables process runs to continue without any system shutdowns while changing the screen.
• Process remains in operation during a screen change, resulting in no disruptions to the melt flow
• Easy adjustment of the hydraulic device via the hand control or solenoid valves
• Optional fully automated venting procedure (via PLC) reduces operator intervention
• Optimized flow channels utilizing rheological data
• Easily integrated into the line controls
• Includes complete guard system, offering maximized safety for the operator

Nordson Industrial Coating Systems
Extrusion Pumps Type GPE / GPX: