Plastic Systems began in 1994 with devolopment of dryers to PET production and have since devoloped a large range of dryers:
Hot air dryers, Compressed-air dryers, dry air dryers (Desiccant TWIN TOWER, WHEEL and loss-in-weight system technology).
Andertech is distributor for a wide range of drying and Crystallizer technolygy to the plastic industry.

The DAC Range of mini dryers

The small dryers of the DAC series are the ideal solution for drying hygroscopic polymers in small productions.
The series includes 7 models of dryers with hoppers from 2 dm3 to 100 dm3 for throughputs up to 50 Kg/h.
• Compact and easy to install
• Can be installed on IMM or small sized extruders
• Operating and programming is simple, with two parameters to set: type of material and hourly consumption
• Energy efficiency is high
• Depending on the throughput, the machine sets the correct airflow
• The anti stress function prevents the degradation of the polymer due to over-drying.

DWC resin dryers

The resin dryers in the DWC Weight Control series utilize rotor technology with capacities from 20 to 280 mc/h and allow the operator to manage the loading of the hopper and processing machine.
A sophisticated microprocessor control together with a loss-in-weight system guarantees an optimal process, with a color touchscreen as an intuitive and easy operator interface.
The DWC series is an ideal solution for all the different dehumidification fields, including electronic optical and medical fields.
• Control with microprocessor
• Touchscreen operator panel
• Control of airflow with inverter
• Integrated hopper & processing machine feeding
• Database of standard/customizable materials
• Material level controlled by a weighing system
• Material antistress function
• Programmable operating times
• Modular system
• RS 485 Modbus interface

Automatic coupling stations

The automatic manifolds of the Plastic Systems AMM series are the ideal solution for the distribution of plastic materials from the storage area to the moulding machines without any contamination.
• Can be installed vertically or horizontally, to avoid footprints and optimize the location of the pipes
• Possible to manage 4 modules at the same time, which can feed 40 different types of materials and 38 machines
• Can be controlled by a Siemens PLC through a touch screen interface or by the Andertech A-LINK control
• There are four models in the AMM series with pipes to machines of 40 - 50 - 60 - 70 mm diameter


The storage bins CQ are completely made of stainless steel and come in different sizes to allow the storage of granule material.
Thanks to a modular structure, it is possible to have various capacities. Thanks to the solid supporting base, it is possible to install up to 6 ferrules.
• Standard sizes from 1000 to 14000 liters
• Also available: flange for connecting an automatic feeder, material level sensors, multi-way suction boxes and metal grid for bags
• Their square shape allows use of the entire space available