RAPID was established in Bredaryd, Sweden, in 1942 where local plastics moulders were asking the company to develop a machine for grinding up plastic waste. Since then Rapid has delivered over 90.000 granulators and shredders world wide (more than 1500 in Denmark), and most of them are still running today.
Andertech is distributor for one of the world's leading suppliers of granulators and shredders for size reduction of plastic, ranging from small sprues to large start-ups lumps.

Small inletgranulator serie 150

A new generation of inlet granulators with a unique design. With 9 different standard models for both ordinary and glass filled materials and a wide range of options, each model can be tailor-made to each application and to fit exactly to your processmachine. The following headlines are some highlights of the 150 series
* CleanGRIND Cutting technique: Consisted sized and quality regrind
* EasyCLEAN Engineering: Easy cleaning and easy maintenance
* Cassette knife system: No re-sharpening! No re-adjustments! Just remove the worn knifes and replace them with new ones.
* 5-year warranty program: On the rotorhouse (the heart of a granulator)

Small low speed inletgranulator serie RG

The Rapid RG Series is specifi cally designed for beside-the-press recycling of hard and brittle materials. The ultraslow rotor speed and screenless operation provides low noise level and very low dust level even with the most filled and brittle materials.

Small centralgranulator serie 200

The Rapid 200 Series is ideal for direct recycling of plastic waste and rejects primarily from injection moulding and blow moulding processes. No matter what your requirements, a standard model is available to suit your exact needs for capacities up to 200 kg/h.
The following headlines are some highlights of the 200 series
* High quality regrind: The consistently smooth and clean cutting action provides high quality regrind
* Excellent gripping of bulky goods: The new improved Super-Tangential cutterhouse design grips even large voluminous light weight products with ease.
* Minimal energy consumption: Rotor blades configuration and low rotation speed combine to minimize energy consumption.
* 5-year warranty program: On the rotorhouse (the heart of a granulator)

Open-Hearted big and midsize centralgranulators
series 300, 400, 500 and 600

Rapid’s “open-hearted” engineering concept is now built into each granulator model of its Rapid 300, 400, 500 and 600 Series. The big benefit of being openhearted is that it boosts performance by providing direct and easy access to the heart of a machine to achieve very rapid cleaning and maintenance times for fast production changeovers. Such extremely short pit stops maximize uptime and minimize labor costs. The clear access to core machine parts also allows “visibly clean” inspection and approval, preventing contamination at color and material changes. Once again, Rapid confirms that it leads the field with innovative design and makes no compromises in providing you with high-performance granulators. Inlet opening up to 1500 wide and capacity up to 4000 kg/h
The following headlines are some highlights of the 300, 400, 500 and 600 series:
* Open-Hearted Engineering: Makes the granulator very easy to clean and maintenance
* Improved safety interlock: Allows quicker opening of the granulator.
* Excellent gripping of bulky goods: The new improved Super-Tangential cutterhouse design grips even large voluminous light weight products with ease.
* Less energy: The true double scissors action reduces the force needed to slice through plastic waste. Therefore a smaller motor can be used to significantly reduce energy consumption.
* 5-year warranty program: On the rotorhouse (the heart of a granulator)

Open-Hearted shredders Raptor series

The new Raptor Series of shredders is a showcase of how 75 years of expertise from the plastics industry and granulators has resulted in a unique and world changing shredder.
The new shredders are innovative, uses open-hearted technology and has a unique patented cutting action – in short, it offers the best shredding solution for plastics in the market.
Rapid introduced the Open-Hearted technology to granulators, we’ve now used the way of thinking to shredders.
In less than a minute, the shredder is opened up, offering full access to the machine interior.
Cleaning with full visibility, changing knives without climbing the machine and many more features make the Raptor Shredders unique.
Integration with granulator The Raptor shredders are designed to interact with the also new Rapid 300-LBB granulator, a serie of low-built and compact granulators, forming the Raptor DUO.
The output from the Raptor feeds directly into the granulator.
* Recycles all plastic: Heavy lumps, thin film or light weight 1.2 m3 IBC containers, all is possible in the Rapid Raptor series.
* Open-Hearted technology: Less than a minute! That’s all it takes to open up the complete machine providing clear view of cutter house and rotor for cleaning or maintenance.
* Patented unique knife design, QuadCUT: Rapid’s new QuadCUT knives are completely solid, yet, the fastening is rock solid thanks to a unique clamping system that makes the knife self positioning.
* Protected rotor: The rotor is the heart in every recycling machine and it has to be protected. if it breaks, your production stops. Rapid’s QuadCUT design impact absorber behind every knife that will take the punch if something have come into the cutting chamber that suddenly blocks the rotor.

Low build granulators LBB series

The new Rapid LBB, Low Built Base, granulator is an extremely low built granulator series available in three widths, up to 1500 mm. Typical applications involve thermoforming where the granulator can operate with either a rollfeed unit synced to line speed with a loop control or by a simple tray for falling skeletal frames from the line.
Other suitable applications are as a final granulation step in a setup with a shredder and also for films and sheets up to 8 mm thickness depending on material.
• High quality regrind
• Low height, 600 mm only
• 3 widths, 900, 1200 and 1500 mm
• Easy service and maintenance with split screen boxes and split screens
• Powerful operation with motors up to 30 kW
• Electrical jack opening to easy access granulator interior

Edge trim granulation

The Rapid Roll Feed, RFL built on a serie 200 or 300 granulator, is the smart solution for taking care of edge trimmings from foil extrusion lines. The system runs completely in-line, the recycled material can be put directly back to the line to produce new valuable foil.
Much effort have been put to make the roll feed unit and the granulator as easy to handle as you possibly can ask for. The hood can be opened and the edge trimmings inserted while the granulator is still running.
Exposed roll feed unit RFL, easy access for insertion of edge trimmings. The twin standard grooved rollers are designed to automaticly keep the edge trims stretched.
This in combination with the frequency controlled roll feed enables the granulator to run automatically with a minimum of downtime.
Innovative design of the RFL unit
• Easy access for insertion of edge trimmings at start up.
•Frequency controlled roll feed motor.
•No loop control required for infeed speed regulation.
•Fully sound proofed.
•Comes in three widths, RFL-300, -450 and -600 mm

Dust separation system DS-50

The aim of granulation is to produce regrind of correct and consistent size with minimal dust. Regardless of how efficient your granulator is, there will always be a small percentage of dust and fines, especially when the knives are getting worn. This can cause problem when regrind are being recycled.
Rapid has a compact system for dust separation of regrind. Suitable for capacities up to 300 kg/h. Easy to adjust and clean.

MSS Modular Silencing System (no more noise)

Modular noise reduction, MMS, is an extremely flexible system that has many applications possibilities. The system has been developed for granulators but has also proven to be able to be used in many other places ex. for noise reduction of material pipes, pumps etc.
* Reduce noise directly at the source
* Reduces up to 20 dB (A), depending on the source
* Can be adapted to any noise generating source in the production plant
* Improved working environment
* Quick setup and change if desired

Silencing System