Sepro was founded i 1973 and have today more than 30.000 injection molding machines equiped with a Sepro robot throughout the world. They are producing more than 3.000 robots per year from simple pick and place operations to advanced assembly applications
Andertech is distributor for Europe's largest, and the worlds second largest, manufacture of 3 to 6 axis robots and spruepickers to the plastic industry.

Sepro SR pneumatic sprue pickers

The Sepro SR range of pneumatic sprue pickers is easy to use and highly reliable. They are available in 3 sizes, and the sprue gripper comes with runner verification as standard.
There is a safety lock on the vertical arm to prevent arm movement during loss of air pressure.

• Sprue picker with electrical sprue detection
• Simple and fast adjustments of strokes and origins
•Safety locking of the vertical arm
• Complies with the EC Machine Directive
• Wrist rotation at 90°, rotation axis parallel to the arm axis (option)
• Parts gripped by vacuum (option)

Sepro S5 - 3 linear CNC-axis picker

The Sepro S5 Picker is a fast and versatile beam-mounted Cartesian sprue picker with 3 numeric axes.
The S5 is Sepro’s 5th generation of robots. Designed like a small Sepro robot, it can be integrated in the IMM with a chute for evacuating sprues. With the extended stroke version, the sprues can be evacuated directly outside the IMM.

•Simultaneous management of 3 axes with servomotor
• Layout integrated in the IMM area - standard stroke
• Extended Stripping Stroke Version to evacuate sprues outside the IMM
• Reduced intervention time in the mold
• Precise repeatability
• Pneumatic wrist for simple part placing or stacking on belts
• High level Sepro control system
• Touch Picker: simple Pick & Place module, quick tool change

The Success range

The Sepro Success series is a range of universal and economic robots that provide all the performance and reliability that you expect from Sepro. These 3-axis servo controlled robots can quickly and precisely perform simple and peripheral pick & place operations around the IMM.
The Success series comes in 5 models that equip IMMs ranging from 20 to 1000 tons.

• Reliable and high performance modular mechanical design
• Long horizontal strokes
• Servomotors with simultaneous management of 3 servo axes
• Choice of transverse or axial layout
• Direct or telescopic (option) vertical arm
• Electrical cabinet on beam to free space on the floor (option)
• Simplified maintenance - Annual intervals

S5 - high-performing 3-axis robot

The S5 Line is Sepro’s 5th generation of robots. It is a high-performing 3-axis robot with accomplished design, able to reliably carry out complex applications like stacking, advanced palletizing, insert placing, insert molding and vision.

• Single-piece frame structure and prismatic guides for rigidity
• Powerful servomotors and smart software for faster mold in and out times
• Pneumatic rotation R1 (0-90°) or R2 (0-90°-180°) (option)
• Electrical cabinet on beam to free space on the floor (option)
• Choice of transverse or axial layout
• Y free function in standard version

6X Visual – collaborating with market leaders

With the 6X Visual line Sepro is collaborating with two market leaders, Stäubli and Yaskawa Motoman to expand the plastics robotic range for more power and flexibility. In an alliance with Stäubli, Sepro offers polyarticulated robots for equipping 20 tonne to 1300 tonne injection molding machines, marketed under the Sepro-Stäubli brand. Sepro – Stäubli • Small and medium carriers designed as closed structures suitable for clean room applications (ISO5 and IP65)

• Several possible layouts: on the floor, or on the ceiling
• Low maintenance (axes oil change)
• Simplified programming thanks to the 3D Simple Pick & Place module on the Visual 3 control system Sepro – Yaskawa
• Large-sized arm with a large radius of action
• Lean architecture
• High-torque wrists for large EOATs
• Floor layout for side access into the mold: 6X-205 and 6X-270
• Fixed IMM platen layout for access from above the IMM: 6X-315, 6X-400
• Reduced maintenance
• Simplified programming thanks to the 3D Simple Pick & Place module on the Visual 3 control system

Visual – the universal control platform

Visual is the universal control platform that controls all Sepro robots, from the 3-axis robot and the 5-axis robot to the 6-axis robot.
Specially developed by Sepro for injection molding machines, the Visual control system makes it easier to use and program your robot.
Visual can control automation systems with up to 16 axes.

The Visual platform is offered in three functionality levels:
- Touch2 is simple and intuitive and designed for quickly creating a simple pick & place cycle
- Visual2 provides speed and intelligence for programming 3 to 5-axis automation systems
- Visual3 offers even better performance, more functions and network connectivity.

The Visual controllers come with a 10’’ LCD touch control screen, a simple Pick & Place module with 3D display on the screen, and joystick for making fine and delicate adjustments in the mold.
- notepad function to transfer information from one team to another
- USB stick to backup and transfer your programs and/or to program different accesses for different operators
- ethernet port to connect the robot to your factory’s network or to locally connect a PC