Vismec is a young Italian company that has achieved impressive results, developing high-quality solutions for the drying of plastic granules.
In 10 years Vismec has grown to become market leader in the German and British plastics industry.
Vismecs honeycomb rotor dryer is the most energy efficient dryer on the market. Furthermore Vismec offers a full range of high-quality products for conveying, storage and dosing.
ANDERTECH represents VISMEC in the Nordics.


Honeycomb rotor dryers Vismecs Dry-Plus/Dry-Well series of honeycomb rotor dryers covers 11 different dryers, from the DryPlus 14 to the DryPlus 1700. They are great all-rounders with built-in intelligence, and they are specifically designed to obtain an efficient dehumidifing process. - the most energy efficient dryers on the market - equipped with fixed adjustable dew point control - 40% consumption saving because working at low temperature - equipped with a special mechanism that protects the material from possible oxidation and/or over-drying - fully electric and odour free, ideal for being installed in a cleanroom

Material Conveying

Vismec produces a wide and flexible range of material conveyors available stand-alone or as part of a centralized system.
Receivers The Visnet range of receivers comes in 6 different sizes with capacities from 2 to 50 l. Main features: - Completely flexible element orientation: material pipe, vacuum pipe and receiver body can full 360° rotate independent - Standard environment dust free contamination vacuum break valve with paper filter on vent inlet - Advanced control interface in bus system with 4 wire connections and visual indication of loader status with dot matrix display and small display for detailed description of working state

vacuum units

The Vismec vacuum pumps are available with capacities from 140 to 525 m3/h. They are equipped with dual stage filters that require less maintenance in the cleaning operations. - Automatic switch over if equipped - Redundancy system for high safety - Inverter version for conveying with control speed (optional)


Halo continuous capacity measurement Halo is a device equipped with an exclusive algorithm capable to measure the quantity of material transferred from the receiver to the hopper. Main features: - Capability to measure in real time throughput in kg/h and adjust the dryer accordly. - Calculate and memory of all the material loaded by the receiver to be recalled for data analysis at any given time - totalizer: the operator can set a production batch quantity and Halo can monitor how much material is left at any time and how long before the production batch is finished - Fast, accurate and stable measurement through a 24 bit converter - Software filter to get low distortions form vibrations - One cable connection and RS485 communication - Line cleaning time automatically optimized

vismec dust remover

The Vismec Dust Remover is a must-have for high tech and quality production and perfect for lens, medical and high precision applications. It removes dust from the plastic resin by using static electricity guaranteeing a perfect quality on the final product. It is a close loop system with which dust and contaminates stick on the electrostatic charged drum removing them from the virgin resin. Beforehand an ionizer removes the electrostatic left on the virgin material allowing the separation to take place. Main features - Closed design maintain the temperature of resin - No compressed air on resin, no effect of humidity - Not material loss, only dust - Speed control - Sight glass allows good visibility of the working conditions - Cartridge discharge filter - Only a small compressed air requirement to detach dust from the roller

Single phase hopper loader

The Single phase hopper loader is made of stainless steel with control keyboard, display and alarm lamp. It is equipped with soft-start technology that allows a gradual start of the blower motor, in order to reduce energy consumption. Functions: - Loading time setting - Filter cleaning setting - Ratio valve control - Material shortage visual alarm - Brush wear visual alarm